Brand Awareness
e.g. speaking moments
Followers and engagement
subscribers to newsletter
Engagement on linkedin
show you are the expert
Week one
An overview of Twitter and Linkedin

Why should you be there, who hangs out there etc. Brainstorming session also.
Your message - what makes you stand out.

Your audience:

  • Why should they be interested
  • How do I add valueHow can I help them
  • Why should they follow me/ would you follow you
  • Twitter polls
  • Twitter chats
Week two
  • Twitter lists
  • Twitter polls
  • Who to follow - how to get maximum engagement
  • How to find and connect with the right people and start the conversation
  • How to take it offline
  • How to nurture (lists)
  • How to make them feel great
  • Influencing the influencer
  • Personally connect with Sam’s connections/ introductions
Week three
Twitter Part 2
How to find potential clients - who are they?
  • Know your ideal client
  • Hashtag use/ search
  • Advance search
  • Twitter chats
  • Competitor Spotlight
  • The power of asking and social listening
  • Design a survey - ask your audience what they want
  • Get 100 responses
  • How to schedule content and save time on social media
Week four
PR and video
How to find potential clients - who are they?
  • Pr - How to write an awesome press release
  • How to connect with journalists and organizers of events on Twitter.
  • Introductions to a radio show and a journalist
  • We organize a high profile Interview and do a webinar for your audience and stream live into the Facebook group
  • Set up a webinar for Women’s inspire network
  • Twitter live
  • Facebook live
Week five
  • How to use it effectively and why you should be there
  • Your profile and your page.
  • How to write an article on LinkedIn and encourage engagement
  • Linkedin video
  • Email marketing - 30 min call with my email marketing expert on my team
Week six
  • Email marketing or Facebook/instagram training with one of my team
  • One to one skype call for one hour.
  • We send questions beforehand of what you want to cover.
Bonus week
  • Review of what we have done and results
  • How to turn your audience into raving fans
  • How to keep your audience wanting more
  • Review of twitter activity

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