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Is your social media marketing working for your business?

In the noisy world of social media, it’s hard to stand out from the crowd. If you’re struggling to get your business message heard, I can help. I’ll show you how to use social media marketing to connect with your ideal audience, increase brand awareness and harness the power of online community to generate real value for your business.

Need help raising your business profile? As a thought leader on social media strategy with over 70k engaged followers and a highly engaged LinkedIn audience, I’ll show you how to make the right connections in your industry. With the support of my expert team, I’ll get your business noticed on social media, with a clear and targeted digital strategy, specifically designed with your key business goals at the core.

Social media strategy

To succeed with social media marketing, you need a plan. We’ll work with you to create a bespoke social media strategy, build customer connections and get your business in front of your ideal clients.

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From one-to-one online consultations to bespoke in-house business workshops, we have a social media training course to suit every need. “Twitter is about relationships and helping people out. Make our customers feel special. What can you help them with?”

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Sam Kelly

Known as the “Tweeting Goddess,” Sam is a Social Media Strategist, International Speaker, Author and Trainer.

“Over the last few years, I’ve shown so many businesses how to connect with industry influencers, generate leads and sales through social media and build a real community around their brand. I’d like to do the same for you.”

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Alastair Thomson

Sam taught me how to use social media in ways I'd never have considered...or imagined! She always had 5 or 6 ideas for different ways to achieve my objectives and went above and beyond to help me on more than one occasion. Highly recommended.

Katie Daly

The world of social media and Twitter can be a very daunting place, as a novice and especially starting out on your own. I am so grateful to have connected with The Tweeting Goddess and to have done the 6 step program. First Sam made it her business to know my business. She will carefully guide you through the unknown with her insights and knowledge. Sam is thorough, courteous, knowledgeable and kind.To simply recommend Sam’s 6 step program falls short, this is a must for anyone new to the insane, terrifying and to be honest really exciting world of twitter…..

Janet Adams

Sam is top class! Approachable yet professional. I find it hard to believe how much my business has transformed in the space of just a few weeks. Couldn't recommend her services highly enough. If you're thinking "maybe" then I'd say take a leap of faith and you'll not regret it.

Eva Acton

A brilliant Webinar with Samantha. Shes so down to earth and well informed and willing to help, great session, thanks. Would highly recommend.

Noreen Lane

I would highly recommend @tweetinggoddess to anyone who is interested in using twitter for their business. She certainly knows what she doing. and has invaluable knowledge.

Simon Haigh

Sam helped me increase all the social media platforms that we worked on by 50-90%. She also connected me to great people and did all this in a wonderfully patient, calm, strategic way that has added real value to my business in a very short period of time. Sam is excellent. Go Tweeting Goddess

Mairead Fagan

Great tips from Sam, very knowledgeable

Simon Haigh - Growth Strategist - Helping YOU Grow

Sam is excellent. She knows here stuff, has a wonderful attitude and has your business in her mind. It was a pleasure to engage Sam to help me.

Alice Chau Ginguene

Sam knows her stuff! After 5 hours of coaching, she managed to show me how to 1. Get my Twitter to have meaningful conversations 2. Ditto with LinkedIn 3. Relaunch my membership programme 4. Do Live events and webinars to get more consultation work. 💪🏼💪🏼 If you are wondering if you work with Sam, don't wait, just do it now!

Zoe Miller

Thanks to Samantha for a highly enjoyable and very informative Twitter workshop. The presentation was very professional, but delivered in a friendly, accessible manner, it was full of tips and advice that will be very useful to me.

Keri Denney

If you want to expand your reach on Twitter, engage authentically, be supported, get value then hire Tweetinggoddess. Samantha teaches so much and really knows her way around Twitter especially! Join a webinar, get in touch, follow @tweetinggoddess

Evelyn Pepperrell

Great timing to win a prize with Samantha Kelly @Tweetinggoddess during a @WomenspireIE Twitterchat in May, amid covid-19 lockdown, providing a complimentary consultation. Sam's knowledge and suggestions on how to grow my online biz profile were helpful, supportive and insightful as another biz female expert within the social media industry and network. I have attended Twitter and various other webinars hosted by Sam this year and they have helped to keep business owners like me connected, informed with valuable tips and actively encourages participants to network with fellow participants, during a time when physical networking and training events were cancelled. Highly recommend***** Evelyn Pepperrell PEPPERRELL MEDIA CONNECTION🌐

Alina Iulia Rogojina

Lovely woman!!! Samantha you are the best!!!😘🤗

Platt Reilly

Wanting to improve our social media presence and engage with a wider audience we undertook Sam's 6 step program, we would highly recommend as we are already seeing the results online as well as getting some very useful contacts along the way! Thanks Sam.

Bumblebee Flower Farm

Having recently participated on Sam's 6 step programme I can't recommend this highly enough! But its all the added on going support and behind the scenes work that all of her team provide is the jewel in this business's crown. Its like having a mentor, couch and friend all rolled into one because Sam becomes invested in you and the success of your business. She has this wonderful quality of always putting people first. She is out on her own and streets ahead of her competitors and while I'm nearing the end of the programme I know we will continue to work together for a long time to come. If you only do one thing this year in moving your business forward then make it working with Sam you won't regret it. Mags Riordan Founder at Bumblebee Flower Farm.

PostSmart Ltd

Hey Samantha, just wanted to say a quick thank you for yesterday. I thought your course and the way you delivered it was very interesting and informative. Not only did I pick up some great tips, I’ve come away feeling that we’re not alone and that we’re part of something bigger - a family type feeling that someone’s got your back. How amazing is that?! I’ve also, come away with some new friends and supporters of PostSmart as well as some great new business opportunities. Thank you very much, Samantha and well done! Warmest regards, Nathan 👍

Suzanne Oleary

Samantha is an expert in Twitter and all aspects of networking - both personal and through social media. In a couple of months she has taught me so much and has been extraordinarily generous in sharing her tips and insight. She has a great team around her and nothing is too much effort. Within 2 months, she has helped our company achieve a social media profile which is beginning to drive sales. I highly recommend working with @TweetingGoddess. Sam is also a very kind person who is a pleasure to work with.

Hilda Kavanagh

Many thanks to Samantha. She has been a true inspiration to our business as she guided us to use the best platforms and encouraged me to work with more videos. It's driven more customers to our website and to make appointments. The results have been phenomenal. Thanks so much. Hilda

Joeleen Codd

Since I met Samantha I have been blown away with how much support and encouragement she has given to my business. She is so enthusiastic about connections in business & how we should support each other. Her knowledge of social media and online business is vast and I continue to learn so much from her.

Lisa Kelly

Sam's workshops are time well spent. You will learn so much - especially pertinent to your own biz. I waled away with a much improved Twitter account and profile and continues to grow. I'm booked in for her Social Media 2019 course next week too.

Justin Caffrey

Just finished my first workshop with Sam - simply wow... insightful and engaging. Sam makes complex topics easy. I have also had a 1-2-1 coaching session with Sam which was super. If you are not working well on Twitter then you need to talk to Sam. @tweetinggoddess Justin.

Michelle O'Connor

Do you know how to use Twitter effectively? Are you getting your message out? If not it’s a must to try one of the @tweetinggoddess social media training courses. I struggled to fully understand how to use Twitter effectively, to engage with others and build relationships. By attending one of Sam’s Social Media workshops she gave me the confidence to use Twitter more effectively and I even did my first live Twitter video. Samantha's enthusiasm, attention to detail and her personal touch is the reason she is queen of Twitter. I look forward to attending further social media courses with Sam.

Helena Gilhooly

I attended Samantha’s twitter workshop over 4 years again, since then I have seen my twitter skills and my following grow on twitter, I have also learned a lot personally from Samantha and is a great support for SMEs and helping them to grow, highly recommend to everyone as social media is a vital to most businesses.

Sonya Murphy Lyons

Sam has been fantastic to work with over the last few months. She is smart, skilled, proactive and fun and has certainly raised the profile of Mezzo Music Academy both on Twitter and Facebook since we started working together. Amongst other things, Sam came up with the idea of having an Open Evening just for adults at the academy and with her help, we secured many new students on the night who are all enjoying their lessons with us now. I would highly recommend Sam and I am looking forward to putting in place some of her other ideas and recommendations over the coming weeks.

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