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Online Success Academy

Want to raise your profile, build brand reputation and be part of an Elite group of people just like you who want to succeed and stand out online?

Are you an expert in your niche?
Are you having difficulty getting your name out there?
Have you social media accounts that are not getting the results you want?
Do you struggle with self promotion?
Do you want more sales and bookings?
Do you want to elevate your online profile?
Would you like 20% more visibility?
The Online Success Academy
A monthly mentorship and accelerator program where you'll learn to implement various digital trends from industry experts, gain confidence online, increase your visibility and grow your online network.
Are you tired of watching your online presence plateau while competitors soar? Do you need help to create your digital success that makes your business stand out? Then if you are 100% committed, this monthly membership will guide you through tailored strategies, addressing your pain points head-on, so you can grasp the digital trends you need to grow your business in 2024.
This Academy consists of
1-1 Strategic Sessions with me
Exclusive Mastermind Group Calls
Exclusive Linkedin Group
If you’re willing to put in the work, 6 months from now, you’ll see the results of your commitment and our strategic expertise with wins such as:
Your business dominating the online landscape
Brand awareness with the 'Know, Like and Trust' factor
A skyrocket in sales
Your business growing from strength to strength
Collaborations with other like minded business owners
PR opportunities
Interview with me LIVE to my audience

Limited places for those who want to take their online growth to a new level in 2024. So don't delay, secure your place in the Online Success Academy.

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Online success academy
Stuck for time? Not used to promoting yourself?
GOLD online success academy
This includes all of the above PLUS 5 tweets per week curated by me and scheduled into your feed.
3 LinkedIn posts curated by me to showcase your accomplishments and avoid making mistakes with how you portray yourself and your business networking opportunities.
It's your turn! Shine online with Tweetinggoddess who is one of the top Twitter and LinkedIn experts and whose clients have had a 20% increase in sales, opportunities and visibility
If you'd prefer to work 1:1 with me and have me all to yourself fill in the form to see if you are ready to raise your profile online
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Virgin Media Backing Business

I am delighted to be the brand ambassador for the Virgin Media Backing Business community!

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One of Samantha's greatest strengths is her
ability to develop comprehensive social
media strategies tailored to specific
objectives. Samantha has a deep
understanding of various social media
platforms and will guide you expertly on how
to successfully leverage trends, analytics,
and audience insights to optimise campaign
performance and achieve impressive results.

What people say

If you want to raise your profile online and
stand out from your competitors definitely
hire Samantha.
I didn't realise the power of having a Sam as
an expert by your side.

The most impressive part? The rapid results!
It's not often you find someone who
combines speed with quality, but Sam does
exactly that. With a keen insight delight and
a pure delight in watching her process unfold
my confidence has soared, as my subscriber
count skyrocketed, with brand message
made clear and so well-received.

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