Now that more and more businesses are online these days it’s so important to be savvy about where you spend your time. Most SMEs don’t have huge marketing budgets so now is the time to get creative with how you are going to reach your customers.

People buy from people they know, like and trust. Before the pandemic a smile and a warm welcome was all you needed but now you need to ‘smile online’

If you are using Twitter build a community of allies around you who will Retweet your content - This will get you in front of a whole new audience and increase your reach.

Here are some tips to help you get more sales online…

1.Decide what platform to use:

Decide which platform your potential customers and current customers are on.

Is it instagram?





You Tube?

What age group are your customers? Where are they hanging out?

What do they want to learn?

How can you add value to the platform and to your audience?

When composing a tweet, put as much information as possible into the tweet. E.g. Add a photo of your product and the link to BUY now. Make it as easy as possible for people to buy.

2.Make a plan:

Do you want to drive traffic?

Brand awareness?

Create a community?

Do you want to use it as a customer service tool?

Do you want to create leads and sales?

3.Create great content:

The best content is your own content. Be yourself, tell stories and show behind the scenes.

Use Images - Canva or Design wizard are great for creating images

Use video - Your phone can be your best friend. Film the sunset, press the red button and give a tip for the week ahead. Tell stories!

Interview guests and live stream to your audience on different platforms at the same time (I use Restream for this)

People want to learn, be entertained and feel special. They want experiences not just ads

4.Use Tools to help you engage with your audience. Some of these have a free version others have a monthly fee.

Scheduling content - Agorapulse

Live streaming - Restream

I use Restream to go live on different platforms (all at the same time) and I interview guests.

Monitoring hashtags - Brand24

Personal video messages - Bonjoro - For video calls

Crowdcast - For webinars

Measure your success:

Google analytics - See where your website traffic is coming from

Twitter analytics

Facebook insights

Instagram insights

5. Ask - Your customers will tell you what it is they want more of ... Do they want more articles? Maybe they want to see you walking the dogs on the beach more as right now people are missing the sea! What are their biggest challenges right now? Do they want advice or tips?

Right now most people want hope, compassion and to be valued - Give your audience value, create trust and be kind. People are watching - Decision makers are watching. Stay away from Controversy and be consistent with your messaging. I remember I saw a Facebook memory that popped up and it said 'People buy from people' - So even 3 years ago I was saying that!

Another way to get more sales is to join an active engaged community like Women's Inspire Network.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to shine online now. More people than ever before are on social media so make sure you are there too. Share your knowledge, assist others and show that you are THE 'Go To' expert or your product is what people should know about now. Be active and be there otherwise someone else will get the sale.