Twitter is a wonderful way to build relationships with your customers and with your peers. It has changed my whole life! I was a lone parent on social welfare 5 years ago but now I run Tweetinggoddess. I help businesses by either running their accounts for them, or I teach them how to use it effectively. I’ve also written a book ‘Tweet your way to Success!

So how do you get more followers? Where do you start? I’ve put together some tips for you to help you understand that first of all it’s not all about high numbers of followers. It’s more about having followers who are relevant and who will become your own little army of marketeers. You see, people buy from people. And Twitter is all about being authentic and building relationships with your audience. Twitter is all about being authentic and building up trust with your audience. Why should they follow you anyway?  Do this check list first

1. Have you got an interesting bio? People won’t click ‘follow’ unless you look interesting. Have you got a nice picture up? Does it look professional? Do you have your bio filled in? Is the link to your website there?

2. Are your audience on Twitter in the first place? The demographic on Twitter are professional, urban and aged 35 to 55. The highest growing demographic are the over 55s. If this is your target demographic then happy days, you are in the right place

3. Who are YOU following? No point in following Beyonce and Justin Bieber and such celebrities unless you want engagement. Yes they are cool, but the likelihood of them engaging with you is very low.  So follow your peers, other business owners who, like you are on Twitter and will support you as they understand the challenges and will understand your musings.

Follow other influencers in your area of expertise. Why follow them? First of all to learn, and engage with them. Don’t underestimate the feeling someone gets when you say ‘well done’ or congratulations on the award’ ….trust me you are on their radar. Everyone likes a boost now and then so if you like their latest article etc …tell them! They might even Retweet you.

4. Are you putting out good content yourself. Are you putting out good content? People on twitter don’t want to be sold to, they want to learn and build relationships. People on twitter want to learn, be entertained and find out the latest news in real time. (We also love discounts more than freebies)

Top ways to get  more followers are:


  1. Tweet regularly. For my clients I do ten tweets per day at busy times. E.g. morning commute, lunchtime and 9-11pm is the busiest time on Twitter. Start by following people you are interested in and admire.  Sometimes they will follow you back. Thank them if they do. (not by dm….never use auto dm)


  1. Be consistent. If you are the expert in Social media, we want tips. Share your knowledge with us, tweet other people’s articles and tag them in the tweets. Trust me they will be happy you have shared it for them.


  1. Take part in Twitter chats. There are plenty of hashtag Twitter chats out there. E.g. #Britishbizparty #Belfasthour and one for almost every county in the UK too. Take part. Jump in and say hi! Your followers will start to soar.

  2. Assist others. If you retweet others tweets they will be delighted and wil usually Thank you for it. If they do, continue the conversation. Keep the engagement going and have a chat.  Create a list of active or favourite tweeters so you can keep an eye on what they are up to and not miss anything.


  1. Be positive, keep away from controversy. This is your business, so keep it nice, no bitching about others.


  1. Be authentic and the followers will come…..people are watching and talking….others will start tagging you and recommending that others follow you.