'Twitter doesn't really work for me'......I hear this from people and it makes me sit up and take notice. Twitter is one of the most confusing platforms for some, as it is so different from others. I see so many mistakes being made and it's usually just because people don't really 'get it'. When I'm training people, the joy that 'Aha' moment brings me is huge.  Twitter is the best platform you can be on to influence others especially in the Business space. But it isn't easy either. And it actually isn't about YOU at all. It's about how you make people feel when you tweet.

  1. Is your tweet useful? Are you sharing your knowledge about something
  2. Are you adding value to someone's day....e.g. are you making them feel good or informed of something that they didn't know about?
  3. Are you sharing behind the scenes and letting the person reading the tweet know what a great company/person you are/are you making them think....'Hmm I might do business with her/him/them...'
  4. Will the person reading the tweet think 'This person is really helpful' or 'This person really knows what they are talking about' or 'This person is so fun, I'd like to get to know them more'

Relationships begin with saying hello. So if you have something good to talk about, it encourages others to join in with the conversation by replying to your tweet.

There are many ways you can show that YOU are the expert they have been looking for:

  1. Share your knowledge. Write articles and share them on Twitter. Drive traffic from your Twitter account to the article that has tips or 'How to' do something that is a problem for people. Give them solutions to solve these problems. Do webinars - create a community around you who need to learn. We are always looking for experts for our Women's inspire network! We do weekly webinars there.
  2. Assist others - Share others content. Why? By doing this, you are showing that your finger is on the pulse of what's happening too. (For great content in what your niche is try Feedalpha.com)
  3. Do videos with a tip of the week or shout outs to others who are doing great things related to your business or brand. Why? This will engage your audience more and also make the person who you give the shout out to very happy! PING - New ally!
  4. Create a survey and share it out to your network everywhere. Gather the results and write an article or a press release about the results. The media are always looking for good content especially ones with accurate stats in them.
  5. Start speaking at events. When you see an event happening, approach the organizers. Better still....Create your OWN Event. Gather a group of experts related to what ryou do and create an event yourself. Get sponsors to come on board, promote it and become known as a thought leader by speaking at it yourself and showing that you know what your audience wants (If you need help creating and promoting an event do contact me, I do this all the time)!
  6. Join a network like Women's inspire network and get stuck in. Offer to help others who are struggling. Trust me when you do this, they will actually want more and end up hiring you or doing business with you. People buy from people!

By being visible on Twitter in particular, you will get noticed. I can show you how to do all of this effectively. Join my new program - email me for more details -(Launching June 2018) Sam@tweetinggoddess.com