1. Ask a question. I ask questions on Twitter all the time. They don't have to be business related either! Human questions are best. The most popular question I ever asked was actually this one

What happened? Well apparently others wanted to know the same thing, many commented with their favourite, photos of the mosituriser and even DM'd me with other questions as I had appeared on their radar again and in their feed.  It was a huge opportunity for a brand to comment too. e.g. They could have said 'our tinted moisturiser is very popular use 'Twitter' for 10% off.'

  1. Do a Twitter poll. I do twitter polls when I am writing an article so I ask a question so that I can include the results of the poll in the article. I was writing an article all about kindness on Twitter so I actually used 2 of the stories that people replied with!

  1. Go and engage with your followers. I use Twitter lists to list various people I am interested in. I go to my Twitter lists and I see how I can help people on the list. e.g. If I see someone asking a question I Retweet it and give my response to encourage others to reply. This makes the person feel good and they will thank me and a conversation will normally follow.
  1. Write a Tweet that shares new knowledge. What is your area of expertise? Can you teach us something that we don't know? Is there new data around what you do? Share it in a tweet. Show that you are the 'Go To' expert. People go to Twitter to get the latest news as it happens and they also go there to learn and build relationships.

As you can see from the poll NO ONE goes to twitter to promote which is a shame because you CAN actually get sales from Twitter but you must build relationships and build your 'Know,  Like and Trust factor. Stand out and by sharing your knowledge, when you actually DO have something to promote they will share it and click to 'register' or 'buy now'

  1. Use images and video. Images stand out more on the twitter feed. Images behind the scenes of you packing an order for example do really well.

As humans we are a bit nosey! So show us how your business works behind the scenes.

  1. Help someone else. The tweets I do that get the most engagement are when I talk about how great someone else is or I give a business a shout out. See an example of a business owner Pascale who needed help.

Helping others, sharing knowledge and adding value always works. I did a simple video on how to use Twitter lists and afterwards I got 3 bookings for my workshop! When you share your knowledge others will see that you know your stuff and it builds trust.

  1. Build trust and show you are the expert. Add value.

If you would like to learn from me I do lots of other things besides Twitter! I have a shine online academy starting on the 11th of August. So if you would like to join us there are two spaces left! Fill in the form to apply