I don’t know how many conversations I have had with Business owners about Twitter and how valuable it can be for marketing and showing what you do.  Twitter is a wonderful social network with tremendous power.  I use it to build relationships and build communities.  I engage with my followers and get involved in conversations that interest me, I also use it for making new connections and sharing my knowledge with others. But for me Twitter is also for fun. I like socialising and don’t get to do much of that these days …well since I had children anyway! So Twitter is also a huge part of my social life. The important thing to do here though is to take these relationships offline at some stage, whether it is to meet up at a conference, event or just for a coffee!

Before you Tweet though, it’s important to think before you tweet. When you decide to tweet something think of these five things:

1. Is this tweet going to make someone feel better?

2. Will someone learn something from this tweet?

3. Are you adding value to their day or week?

4. Is the tweet positive?

5. Is the tweet you are about to put out going to help someone in some way?

I see lots of sales tweets which are fine, but remember to mix it up a bit. No one really wants to be sold to on Twitter.  What do we want?

We want to learn something new.

We want to be entertained

We want to feel part of something or recognised as being human or important.

We want to feel that you understand why we are following you. So offer value in as many tweets as possible. Whether it is a tip or news or something of beauty for example like a fantastic sunset. Yes, even a simple photo of a sunset can make someone’s day.  If you are a brand, we want discounts and special offers that you can only get on Twitter.  We want to see the behind the scenes stuff going on. e.g. The chef in the Kitchen, the customers celebrating, the waitress smiling or dressed up for Halloween etc

Don’t tweet after a few drinks.  Even if you are happy after a few drinks and celebrating you can word tweets differently and it might be taken up wrong.

Don’t tweet if you are very upset or angry.

Don’t tweet if you are going to bitch about somebody. Be professional. Be dignified and say nothing.

We all  have bad days of course, and it’s ok to show the human side, in fact your customers like to see a bit of ‘human’ but just be careful that it can’t be taken up the wrong way. Read the tweet and make sure that YOU would like to read this tweet.

Do enjoy Twitter. It has changed my whole life! Reach out and engage with people from all over the world. Comment on their tweets, spread the Twitter magic and make new friends. You WILL make friends on Twitter. And you WILL get sales from it if you use it correctly.

If you need help or guidance on Twitter, I can do that! Get in touch: Tweetinggoddess@gmail.com