Recently I did a guest slot on #Viralchat and some of the questions that came up were very interesting! The most common ones that I notice coming up every time I am in front of an audience are here!

How long should it take for a potential connection to grow into a meaningful relationship?

As long as it takes. Don’t think, just do. Connect, engage and nurture the relationship. Keep an eye on what they are doing. Make a list of ‘people to watch’ or ‘awesome tweeters’ so you have a valuable list of people who you know you want to build relationships with. You can make this a private or public list.  To be honest I don’t really think about it. If they are giving out good content and are leaders in their field I would share their content out anyway and by doing this, you will get on their radar anyway.

What is the best way to deal with negativity on social media?

If it is a troll…Block and ignore. If it is a negative comment about your brand, acknowledge, take if offline to DM or email and follow up.

What tools should I use to schedule tweets to connections ..or should I schedule at all?  

I try not to schedule tweets at all. It is my unique selling point. If I am on Twitter, I am live on Twitter. I recommend Buffer, Agora Pulse and Tweetdeck but not that much. I use Agora Pulse for clients reports and as I have a lot of different accounts to manage it is great for me. It gives me great reports at the end of the month for my clients to see what activity there has been on the account.  It measures the engagement, what was the most popular tweet etc.

How do you measure the strength of your connections?  

I measure the strength of my connections by how much they engage with me and share my content.  Also whether we have moved to DM for chats or met for a cuppa.  I always build relationships, nurture relationships and then bring them offline as much as I can. Also, it depends on how much in common we have. If we understand each other and ‘get what we do’ we will build a mutual respect and trust.

How should you handle the situation if/when a connection goes sour? 

Be dignified, don’t bitch about others, just move on, surround yourself with good people and just continue to be the best.

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