9 years ago I was not in a good place. I was feeling very lonely, tired and my confidence was at an all time low. I had done the travelling bit when I was younger, my partying etc. I was in my second marriage with two beautiful daughters but still could not find fulfilment within myself. The loneliness that I felt was always with me even as a child. I remember looking on in school at the gang having fun and laughing and playing yet I always felt a bit outside of things. Never felt like I fitted in but couldn’t explain why.

I always loved alcohol and associated it with fun and happy times. I would be quite funny and quirky anyway but needed alcohol to give me that extra bit of confidence and it helped me to ‘Fit in’. I also discovered that it numbed the lonely feelings and any other feelings for that matter! I had so much info and ‘stuff’ in my busy head that I really looked forward to ‘zoning out.’ I thought I was just drinking like everyone else but soon I found myself finding solace in the bottle more and more. It was like my ‘friend’ sometimes.

But one day I woke up and decided I was sick of feeling sick and tired. And I decided that I wanted to change my life. So I stopped drinking altogether. I started to go to meetings and surrounded myself with others who were also non drinkers and started to enjoy the simpler things in life. I am on a program for the past 7 years now that helps me to live a life that is quiet, simple, fun and fulfilling. There are so many good things that I live by now that have started to seep into my business world I thought I would share them with you.

1. Keep it simple – This applies to business.  Sometimes we get caught up in VAT returns, striving to be perfect etc. Sometimes it is good to step back and see what exactly are we doing that can be simplified and what do we need to focus on?  With so many balls in the air, from time to time we lose track of what we are actually trying to achieve. If we focus on the main thing that brings in the most income yet is the most enjoyable that is usually the best plan.


2. Do a good deed everyday. Be kind. This is another thing I have learned on my journey. The person doesn’t have to be in recovery or in business. It can be just giving a lift to someone who is at the bus stop in the rain.  It could be you introducing them to the one connection that they need to help move their business forward.  Helping others helps me feel better too!

3. Think Think Think – This slogan is a very important one. Think before you respond to something especially if it is something you want to retaliate against! You will get people who will give you smart comments or disagree with what you say. Stop and think think think before you react.

4. Day at a time – Success is one step at a time. There is no elevator to success! Take each day as it comes. If you have a horrible day….sleep and then start again tomorrow.


5. How important is it –  When someone lets you down …..you miss out on that contract you really wanted. Stop and think ‘How important is it’ Sometimes we need to take a step back and say to ourselves ‘How important is it that ….I get that account, or I go to that event, or I win that award.’

6. Easy does it – Ha don’t we love to be everywhere and do everything? Most entrepreneurs are go getters. We don’t sit still for long. But I have actually learned to start saying ‘no’ to invitations and some opportunities. I just can’t be everywhere. I am only one person. I have started to look after me. I am now running and walking more. Giving myself some pampering. Could be just a long hot bath with a book! Am slowly learning to take things a little easier. Delegating tasks that take up a lot of my time etc.  Try it!

So really ….be kind …assist others and be proud of what you have achieved so far. Starting a business takes courage and determination.  Be proud that you are getting out there and following your passion.

Surround yourself with positive people. Like minded people will also help you to achieve more and support you on your journey.

Look after yourself. I am still learning this one.  Have started though! More time with the children, more time for me and the dogs love all the attention they are getting lately too!

Share your knowledge with others who are new and just starting out.  Sometimes just a listening ear is enough.

Don’t bitch about others.  Be nice!

Ignore those who will be negative about you and what you do. Sure what do they know eh?

Live your life with gratitude. Be grateful for what you have today.  Healthy children, heat, food are all basics that some are struggling to have.

Be yourself! People buy from people. #Simple