I've always done webinars for my audience but since the pandemic hit, many others are now starting to produce webinars as more people move online. Some people say things like 'I'm zoomed out' or I just can't watch another webinar but usually these people have been attending the wrong ones. If you add value and plan your webinar correctly you will have attendees who are happy and feel like they've got value at the end. And ...they will tell others about you.

Why create a webinar?

  1. Webinars are great for conversions. If you do a free webinar it shows your expertise and gives people a feel for what you are like. It shows that you know your stuff so they would be more likely to buy or book your next workshop or work with you in the future.
  2. It's a great way to offer value to your community and keep your community engaged. This creates top of mind awareness too.
  3. It builds 'Know, like and trust' which is so important for standing out from your competitors.

Planning - Where do I start?

  • Date and time - Decide what day and time is good for your audience. e.g. my audience are active 10.30am or 9.30pm
  • Who?
  • What is the topic?
  • How will we promote?
  • What is the # for during the webinar?
  • Create a competition for best question or tweet?
  • Have a download or workbook that people can get at the webinar or in advance of the webinar.

What platform should I use?

I use Crowdcast.io as I find it reliable, I can download the recording afterwards and It means my attendees don't have to show their faces. There are a lot of shy people out there who wouldn't necessarily be confident on camera so Crowdcast gives that little bit of anonymity and gives people the chance to comment and ask questions. But there are several others out there

1. Go To Webinar

2. Whereby

3. Zoom

4. Microsoft teams

5. Crowdcast

6. Restream - This is an amazing platform for going live, doing demos or interviewing people. You can also repurpose the content afterwards as a podcast!

Objectives and Goals:

  • Who will want to attend?
  • How we are going to reach them?
  • What value will we give?
  • What will they learn?
  • Call to action 
  • What is desired outcome? e.g. Do you have a call to action for a workshop you have coming up? Do you just want more sign ups to your newsletter or to sell tickets for an event that is coming up?

How will I promote:

Social media


Write an article about the topic 

Use video - invite people to the webinar - put a link to book/register

Ask your community to share - Here's a fun one! How many times have you seen webinars being promoted and you haven't clicked share or RT - Don't rely on people to automatically know that you need your webinar shared. Ask them.

How to stand out from other webinars:

Before the webinar starts - Post a photo on Twitter etc saying 'About to go live with my webinar' Show your audience that you do webinars and training. They might not realise that you do!

Welcome everyone individually if possible - This is one mistake I see most presenters making...they don't acknowledge their guests or engage with them.

Include all attendees - encourage questions.

Give an incentive to tweet using a # during the webinar

Encourage engagement and creating a community and connect the dots with attendees - A super way to add value is if you see two people in the audience who really should be connected ...connect them!

Post Webinar tips:

Follow up email after the webinar. Ask if there are other topics your attendee would find useful or is there any way you can assist.

Ask for a google review

Engage on social media and acknowledge all tweets etc.

You can stand out by producing great webinars - I own the Women's Inspire Network and we do weekly webinars with topics such as Sales, social media, marketing, self care etc and I make sure the topics are relevant to my audience by asking them what challenges they are having. Suit up and show up. Dress becomingly - smart and colourful - Wear make up, do the hair etc. Make your audience feel special by welcoming them and asking them questions at the start.

If you are interested in joining my Women's Inspire Network check it out HERE