Twitter is great for building relationships and making new connections. But how do you turn them into sales?

Its so important to make sure you get as much info into a tweet as you can. Ask yourself

Is the tweet interesting to the reader?

Is it worth a Retweet?

Why would I retweet it?

Is the timing of the tweet good? For example is it a food item?  Tweet before lunch or dinner.

Is it a glamorous dress item?  Are Women online now?  Is there talk about an upcoming event or wedding? Celebrity wedding perhaps?

Have you included a photo?

Is there a ‘call to action’ that is …a link to the item you want to sell with a ‘buy now‘ option?  Us tweeters are very lazy when it comes to looking for stuff, we want to see it now and just ‘click’

So …

1.  Does your tweet have interesting eye catching statement?

2.  Picture

3.  Link to buy.

4. Does your tweet tell the reader what you want them to do?

5. Include a hashtag to improve your reach (e.g. wedding service …put #weddinghour #Brides) You don’t have to put # at the end of the Tweet.

6.  Is your personality in the Tweet?

7. Use shortened Urls (links ….try

I always say the perfect way to get more sales from Twitter is to build relationships first …your followers are your own army of marketeers so build relationships first then when you have something to promote they will RT or share for you automatically as they like you and like what you do.

So if you have made a really great connection on Twitter and you chat a lot I would move the relationship offline.  Suggest you meet for a cuppa someday when you are in their area.

This way you are nurturing the relationship. When you meet face to face it brings it to a whole new level.  Both of you will know instinctively when someone asks for someone for a particular service you will stick in each others heads.

This means recommendations…..which means leads …which turn to sales!