This is the most common query regarding Twitter lead generation I get. ‘How can I get leads from Twitter?’

 I’ve made a list of exactly how it’s done with some tutorials for you!

Use advanced Twitter search to find potential customers.  Watch this quick video on how to get to the Twitter advanced search section on Twitter


Use Twitter lists – If you see a potential client keep track of them by adding them to a private list OR make a list of ‘new connections’ or call your potential clients by a different name. This will help you to remember who they are. All you need to do is go into your lists now and then and make sure you engage with that list of people in particular. Build the relationship, assist them any way you can and you can keep an eye on what they are up to. Remember people will always remember how you made them feel so if you are helpful to them you will stick in their head.

How to create a Twitter list

Participate in Twitter chats – Show you know your stuff! If people can see that you are knowledgeable and an expert in your field, they will automatically think of you when someone is looking for your service. Be visible, engage with others on the chat. If you can show that you are the expert in what you do, then you will be the first person people will contact or recommend when looking for your service. Try taking part in #womensinspire hashtag on Tuesday nights at 10pm until 11pm. Follow @womensinspireIE for tweets and more information.

Assist others – It’s not all about you. Re tweet others’ content. If that content is of interest to your followers, share it out. People will appreciate you sharing it for them and also your followers will love it. People are on Twitter to learn, be entertained and to find out news.

Twitter Lead Generation via Twitter cards. – Ask your web master (website manager) to do this for you. Check out this guide ‘How to use Twitter cards’

Build relationships: I cannot emphasize enough how important relationship building is. I see brands on Twitter making the same mistakes all the time. Sell sell is not a sales platform it is a social network. No one wants to follow an account that is always selling. Twitter is about engagement, interaction and adding value.

Next time you tweet ask yourself this:

  • Are you adding value? Will you follower learn something new from this tweet?
  • Is your tweet positive? Will you make someone’s day a little better by tweeting this tweet?
  • Are you sharing your knowledge? Small business owners and indeed leaders are always learning. We want to improve ourselves, learn how to be a better business person, how to get clients, how to do a business plan, that type of thing.
  • Are you introducing someone to a useful connection or connecting them with the hotel, service, product owner that they might be looking for?
  • Have you helped someone today? Did you reach out to someone in need on Twitter and either Retweet them or ask your followers to help them out by highlighting it?

If you do these simple things every day people will follow you and recommend you to others.


So once you get these leads what do you do? Take it offline to DM, Skype or arrange a cup of coffee. The great thing about Twitter is you can build the relationship online and then by the time you take them offline you practically have that sale!

(If you need help with Twitter lead generation, I do one to one consultations so get in touch )