I had to write this post as I am noticing lots of people lately on Twitter who are contacting me from out of the blue who I don’t even know.  These are big companies who have obviously heard that I am an influencer with lots of followers but they are making some huge errors.  Here is the list of why Twitter isn’t working for you and your business.

1. You create your Twitter account, then follow celebrities and famous businesses who might not ever follow you back. In other words you haven’t done your research.  You need to find out who are the influencers on Twitter. Who are active on Twitter?  Just because they have thousands of followers doesn’t mean they are going to follow you back and it doesn’t mean they are going to engage.  It also doesn’t mean they are even active on Twitter?  How can you tell? Take a look at their tweets. When was the last time they tweeted?  Have they Retweeted someone else lately? Are they interacting and engaging with others?

2. Are your target market even on Twitter?  The demographic on Twitter is aged 35-55, urban and professional. (The highest growing demographic is the over 55’s) So if your target market is teens you are on the wrong platform.

3. Have you watched what is going on? It is perfectly ok to ‘lurk’ around Twitter for a while and watch what is going on. What are people talking about? Are you using the power of ‘social listening?’  This is a great way to find who is active on Twitter and the ones to watch. (Also the ones to be wary of)

4. Do you know why you are on Twitter? Is it to raise brand awareness? Build relationships? Get sales? Twitter does all of these but be careful. Don’t just start pushing your product or event. No one is listening to you yet. You need to build up relationships first.  Build a community who likes you and wants to hear what you have to say!

5.  Are you taking shortcuts? Have you auto dms set up? Get rid of them. Is your Facebook linked to your twitter account? Disconnect it. No one on Twitter wants automation. We want to connect with real human beings and build relationships and be social.

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