Twitter is incredibly powerful as a marketing tool. But some people aren’t really sure how to use it effectively for business. Here are my top ten tips on how to become a Twitter Superstar! 

First of all….it’s all about relationships….all about engagement and relationship building. Every single avatar (Photo on the Twitter bio) has a human behind it (Well unless its a bot in which case you can ignore) If they have no photo and just an ‘egghead’ you should check them first. Most people will have a photo. Look through their tweets to see are they spammy or dodgy before engaging with them.


What are the secrets to Twitter success?

We all know who they are. The Twitteratti – People who are really popular on Twitter. Why are they so popular? What is it that makes them stand out? These top Twitter secrets will point you in the right direction.

1. Have a very interesting bio and a happy smiling photo on your avatar.

2. Be consistent – Let it be known that you will be providing useful content and tips.

3. Do not be bitchy or negative. Look back on your tweets. Make sure there is a lot of positivity in there.

4. Stick to main topics you are known for but add a bit of variety too with a sprinkle of other interesting facts, quotes  or content.

5. Use lists. Be organized and have lists full of interesting people that your followers can go in and follow. Use      Twitter polls to ask your audience questions.

6. Be helpful. Tweet out a great offer or good service you have received. Have links to useful tips or content always.

7. Use pictures and tweet positive images of different subjects and from other people. In other words it’s not all about you. Retweet others too.

8 . Endorse industry leaders or colleagues in your industry.
 Share their content, they will notice and probably do the same for you someday.

9.  Respond to questions and tweets from your audience at least within 12 hours.  The best tweeters will not let a mention go by without responding

10. Download the Twitter app on to your phone. Be ready to tweet when you are out and about. Top tweeters will          always share what inspires them.