As a business owner, our worlds can be a constant case of juggling roles and time management.  We can’t be all things to all people so an important thing to learn is how to delegate tasks. What are you great at? Is it the sales side of things or is it the relationship building, customer relations or the skill set involved in building or producing your product or service?

I am great at social media especially Twitter, but not so hot at organising or accounts, so I hire someone to do those tasks for me.  My Time spent doing what I am best at, means I am more productive as a result.

So what about Social media and your business? Here’s 30 Reasons why it makes sense to outsource your social media to me:

  1. Get more followers and increased engagement from your audience.
  2. Time freedom – I do what I love so you can do what you love.
  3. Get more leads and sales as I have the experience and expertise.
  4. Raise your profile
  5. Access to my network
  6. Access to my followers with Retweets from me to over 36k followers AND my @womensinspireIE account (8k)
  7. Learn from me via skype calls and phone calls
  8. 5 years experience in Social media with a proven track record
  9. Introductions to people in my network who can assist you
  10. Chance to be the Star biz on #womensinspire hashtag
  11. I have passion and enthusiasm
  12. More engagement – I specialize in building relationships
  13. More exposure – My followers want to hear about you (36k)
  14. More income for you as a result of my work with you.
  15. Brainstorming ideas with me over skype or in person
  16. Campaigns and attention grabbing ways of engaging your audience
  17. Access to my twitter tips and influencers
  18. I understand your needs from being an SME myself
  19. New friendships and relationships built through introductions to the right people
  20. Press release and PR opportunities
  21. More time with your family especially in the evenings (most twitter chats are from 8pm …that’s my forte)
  22. Less stress as you try to keep up with trends as I will be social listening for you.
  23. More money in the bank.
  24. Raise your confidence as your profile soars
  25. Monthly reports to track engagement and progress
  26. Blog post ideas for you to share your valuable knowledge to your followers
  27. Access to relevant people in your industry – I know who they are.
  28. Impressive client list
  29. Less time sitting on the laptop (That’s my job)
  30. Less time trying to keep up with customer queries (Also my job to keep track and pass to you)

Still thinking? Email me and let’s get your social media doing what it should be doing for you.