I originally joined twitter to follow an organisation called Toastmasters that I am involved in. In February 2013 whilst I was minding my neighbours children after he had swallowed a chickenbone (a long story) I found #irishbizparty. At the time I had no idea how to use social media and twitter especially in my Pharmacy business. Over the course of the next few weeks and months I started to follow the businesses involved and interact with them. I treated it as a crash course in Twitter and it works! Samantha Kelly continues to teach by example and just reading her Tweets and posts in Facebook are a lesson in how to post effectively. This year alone Conefrey’s Pharmacy has had a massive impact on twitter which is raising our professional profile and helps us to communicate about upcoming events and promotions to our customers. Also through #Irishbizparty I have been able to get bunk beds for my kids, get help in producing blogs and with twitter, develop a promotional video for the Pharmacy and am just starting the process of making a will! This is just the beginning as I have other services I am going to use #Irishbizparty for. Three steps is all it took – I joined Twitter, Joined in with #Irishbizparty and started interacting. That’s it summed up in one sentence.

Tomas Conefrey

Conefrey Pharmacy