Okay, so this post is about how to get the most out of the IrishbizParty Conference but really the tips do apply to any event so if you are planning on going to a few, keep these tips in mind!

Only two weeks to go!! Oh the excitement! Right so you are all set, you have been participating in the #irishbizparty hashtag for a while now, have built some relationships on Twitter and on the Facebook group and you are ready to meet some of theses amazing small business owners in person. First of all, good for you!! It is hugely important to build relationships both online and offline so well done for making the decision to come to the event. It can be daunting though can’t it? If you don’t know anyone going there is a chance you might back out or decide you aren’t ready. Please don’t back out, come along we are a friendly bunch and we want to meet you. We want to know more about what you do!! If we know what you do and who you are we are more likely to recommend you to someone else and create new relationships and sales for you.

So with that in mind, here are my top 5 tips in preparation for the big day (Gosh you would think it was a wedding I was planning)

1. Have plenty of Business cards with you. If you don’t have them yet, order them now so you have them on the day. Our sponsor Castle Print will be there on the day so am sure if you order from them they can bring on the day for you.

2. Dress code is smart casual or quirky or whatever you want really. Don’t forget if you want to stand out from the crowd wear bright colours or something different! Bring some of your products with you so people will see what it is you do or bring a sample for others to try.

3. Visit the exhibition stands they have booked their stands for a reason. They have something that SMEs need to either make life easier or help you be more productive.

4. Who do you most want to build a relationship with? Make a list of the people you really don’t want to miss. Find out their email. Schedule a coffee with them on the day. Research their business so you know exactly what they are about or what they have achieved recently so you can bring it up in conversation.

5. Enjoy!! Remember everyone who is coming to the conference feels the same way you do. Most of us work from home or are a one man band so We feel exactly the way you do, we experience the same issues and problems. Perhaps we can offer a suggestion or solution for some of the issues having gone through them ourselves? Don’t be afraid to approach me (although I might be rushing around I will make sure someone on the team introduces you to the person who would most benefit you and your business).

6. Charge your phone or laptop!! There will be a Tweetbeam screen on the day so if you tweet using the hashtag #Bizpartyinspires YOUR logo or smiley face will appear on the screen!! (Free advertising for you) So bring your phone and be ready to tweet. This is the one event where it ISN’T Rude to Tweet or type while people are speaking.

Not got your ticket yet? Did you know that it’s only 40 euros for the whole day? And that includes lunch!! It’s in the Green Isle hotel and if you want to stay the night before there is a special rate if you quote #irishbizparty. It starts at 9.30aam (Registration is at 8.30am) and goes on until 4.30/5pm

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TIPS FROM IRISHBIZPARTY MEMBERS (You don’t have to be a member to come by the way)

Michelle Duffy Rudden of Funky Crayons says ‘Bring chargers in case your device dies. Open a memo on phone or tablet to take notes on important take-aways from the speakers presentations. Or take photos of the slides containing info you want to remember. Connect with people before conference saying I’d love to grab a coffee and discuss collaboration or pick your brain etc and don’t forget, when you introduce yourself, say what it is you do!’

Helena Gilhooly of Busy Beaders says ‘Meeting some fantastic people there on the day and continue on the friendships after the conference best part for me.’