Twitter is an amazing B 2 B platform. It's also where the latest news happens. It's where magic happens. Feel good Twitter tales of when one tweet led to changing someone's life. A tweet where someone connected with a long lost relative from the other side of the world, a campaign to raise funds for an's all happening on Twitter.

There are many bad news stories about Twitter. but Twitter is probably the best platform for learning, being inspired, sharing your own knowledge and building relationships. I don't work for Twitter by the way, many think I do. I just know it so well and I am really passionate about showing business owners how powerful it can be.

I DO however watch what is going on. I am also being watched. CEOs and decision makers are on Twitter watching. I know this as I get direct messages rather than tweets in public commenting on certain things. I know because they are able to tell me what I have said or what others have said about me.

People who don't take me seriously and dismiss me probably didn't realise that I could have retweeted or given their business a shout out to over 51k followers. They probably didn't know that I could introduce them to someone they might need to connect with.

One useful introduction can change everything for a small business owner but it can also change everything for a sales rep in a compeny, an employee in a company who needs more solid leads or a head of a department who needs a community to tap into to get talent. Why are they dismissing Twitter? 

Did you know:

Twitter has journalists watching who are always looking for experts to comment on certain topics.

Twitter has a huge community of small business owners who use it usually due to a lack of a huge marketing budget to build relationships, drive traffic to their website and drive sales.

Twitter hashtag use at events can drive sales and interest to your next event.

Twitter has a lot of people aged 35 + who want to chat and will become big brand advocates of your brand if they love what you do.

Communities who are big on Twitter:

Small business owners

Start ups



Food industry - chefs, restaurants, food producers.



Health and wellness



Irish Tourism

So no matter what there is something or someone on Twitter who probably loves what you do, are probably looking for what you have or looking to learn from you.

Most people on Twitter are there to

Build relationships

Keep up to date with the latest news


Be inspired

Have Fun conversation with like minded people

Debate topics

Make friends

Share knowledge

I know that the people I follow on Twitter and the the people who follow me are really well educated, professional and urban mostly. (But that could be because of better wi fi) I've experienced empathy, warmth and kindness most of the time. (The ones who are not like that I just block anyway). They like to follow a journey or story. They like to help others and embrace positivity.

So before you dismiss it, try it. Here is a video to help you

You never know, if you engage with me you might even experience some #Twittermagic yourself.