Top phrases you should know before you start using Twitter:

Hashtag - # A hashtag is used to catergorize topics or subjects of interest on Twitter. For example if you are watching #Gameofthrones there is a popular hashtag called #GOT also. Search for this hashtag and you will see all the tweets that mention that show. You can join in the conversation by clicking on the hashtag and then replying to some of the tweets also include the hashtag so that others who are searching will also see you come up on that stream. Click on 'latest tweets' to see the up to date stream. Another popular one to watch is #Latelateshow #Womensinspire #irishhealthhour or if you are in #Wexford or any county or town, use the hashtag and put the name of the city/town after it (no space) e.g. #Dublin #NewYork #NYC

RT: This means Retweet - If someone says something that you think will be of interest to your followers, then you can RT it to them. Just click below the tweet the RT symbol

This means that if you RT this, your followers will see it come up as a share/RT from your account.

FF - #FF or #FollowFriday was popular a while back but some still use it to highlight people you think others should be following.

DM - Send me a DM means send me a private message on Twitter.

DMs come in here.

Tweet up - Meetings in real life for anyone on Twitter who wants to get together. See hashtag #Tweetup

Twitterati - Celebrities or popular Twitter users who post frequently and usually have a big following

Peeps/Tweeps - People who use Twitter.

Lurker - Someone who is reading tweets and keeping an eye on things but doesn't tweet much themselves or engage.

Followers - People who are following you. Usually this means that they find your content interesting, or someone recommended that you are someone worth following. You don't have to follow everyone who follows you, but it's polite to thank them for following. If you find them interesting then follow them back. If someone is annoying you, just 'unfollow' or 'block' them.

Trends - These are usually visible on the left hand side when you are logged into twitter, or when you click 'search' on your phone, the top trends will come up. This means that these topics are the most popular on Twitter right now.

Hope these help you start your journey into Twitter. Any more to add that you think should be here? Comment below!