Twitter spaces is the new exciting audio addition to Twitter which I am LOVING! It's lovely to see Twitter coming out with this option especially during these times of isolation and missing out on networking.

Check the top of your phone and you will see where the fleets are. You might see purple circles. If so click and you will see there is a conversation going on. This is a Twitter space.

You can 'join the space' and listen or you can add to the discussion yourself by requesting to speak - You will see a little mic click on that and it will send a request to speak to the host.


Yay! You have hosting abilities if you go to compose a tweet and this shows up:

As the host you have a responsibility to moderate the room and keep the topic on track. Name your space (I just call mine 'a cup of tea)'

Introducing yourself and the space:

Let people know what to expect. e.g. Topic, lay down etiquette etc

The mode - first tutorial , Q&A, discussion - The outcome

Let the audience know for example .....that you want to hear as many diverse ideas on x Tip from Matt

Make sure to change the title of the space as the conversation flows so that newcomers will know what it's about.

You could have a space where you decide this is a rotating space - Let them know 'I will rotate the room and give people an opportunity to speak so please wait until the other speaker finishes before you speak.' Tip from George Silvermann

Speakers can pin tweets to the top but if you want to pin something please ask permission from the host.

Be kind, add value and assist others e.g. if someone in the room can help with an answer to a question perhaps ask them can they come up to speak

You don't have to add everyone as a speaker

You don't have to put up with bad language or bad behaviour

Don't forget to 'refresh the room' for new people who have just joined. Tell people what the discussion is about. Tip from Adam

Listen more than speak if people have value to add.

Twitter space shot with permission from attendees


It's at the host's discretion whether they allow you to speak or not

You can put up the hand emoji or request to speak

When speaking add value and be kind.

Allow others to finish speaking before speaking yourself.

If the room is busy and someone else might like to speak and you have finished speaking it's nice to gracefully go back to being a listener.

Using emojis in the room.....

Use the appropriate emojis when giving feedback. At the moment there are only a few available.

At the bottom of the space you can see a list of people attending the space (see people pic)

The love heart is where you will find the emojis

The share button if you click it will share the space to Twitter or by DM or you can copy the link to the space and share it that way.

You can't schedule spaces (yet) but you can tweet it out once you go live and invite people.

If you have difficulties you can report to Twitter Spaces team - They are super helpful and responsive.

So What do I talk about? 

Create a topic you want to discuss. If you are an expert in Sales for example then create a topic called:

3 ways to follow up with a prospect

Sales Q&A

Sales training for beginners

The steps to making a sale

If you are an expert in what you do, Twitter spaces is a great place to show it off. Share your knowledge, assist others and be kind, friendly and assist other Twitter spaces hosts and the community with shout outs and tweets so they see you are supporting them. Trust me when you open a space they will support you too.

My experience so far is that I have met some really interesting people from all over the world. I've had conversations with people in Nigeria, USA, India, Canada, UK, a truly global audience with topics of discussion from Security, Data privacy, Business, Mindfulness, Marketing, Sales tips, Entrepreneurship etc.

Create your own loyal community around you and be helpful to others. They will either love you or not but if they know, like and trust you they will want to collaborate, support and perhaps even do business with you.

If you'd like to learn some social media tips I have an event coming up on the 26th of May where I will cover some of this and Twitter for beginners. I also have other amazing experts teaching about other platforms. Join us