What is the favourite button for on Twitter?  Well, some people say it’s to mark something that you want to read later on. So if you are really busy and just skimming through your Twitter feed, you can mark tweets you think look interesting and read back later when you have more time.

But lately I have seen a few discussions about this button on Twitter. Some people think it is being misused as a way of getting your attention.  If I see someone has ‘Favorited’ my tweet, I check their bio to see who they are if I don’t know them.  Is it a way to get my attention in the hope that I will follow?  Or is it just a way of letting me know that’yes I have read your tweet, it got my attention, but I won’t be Re tweeting it for you or reading it right now.’  Which is fair enough.  But rarely do I see a late RT or comment afterwards.  Do ‘favorited’ tweets get lost somewhere?

Do we check the tweets that we have clicked ‘Favourite’ on?

Do you know how to check your favorites? Well, if you go to the ‘sun’ symbol between the message symbol and the ‘compose tweet’ symbol….go to ‘lists’.  On the left hand side you should see ‘Favorites’ ….click on this and you will see all the tweets you have Favorited.

I think it would be great if Twitter had an extra button that said ‘interesting’ as I think the Favorite button is used for this also. A bit similar to the ‘like’ button on Facebook! There are many times someone clicks ‘favorite’ and then Re tweets the tweet immediately. (Thanks)

So are we treating it as a highlighter? A like button? Or are we all using it correctly to list tweets that we like and want to read later?

A good way of using the ‘Favorite’ button is to gather positive feedback on your account. If you have a list of positive feedback (favorites) then not only does this make you look like you are doing a good job (if you are having a bad day, just look through all your favorites lol) but it also shows the person who tweeted that you have seen this tweet and are acknowledging them. So it is a kind of interaction.  So everyone feels good.

Would love to know your thoughts this.