So Twitter is now ....Retweets are now Reposts and people are wondering what's next.

As you know I love Twitter and it's my superpower. Will I be leaving? No. Why? Because it's even better now.

Love this quote from Alex Valaitis

'Twitter had a fundamental cap on the number of people it appealed to: Aside from all the degenerate activity on this site, the reality is that Twitter is THE most highbrow social platform in the world.It's where the world's elite go to engage in written & spoken debate.'

I did a poll recently to see how users were feeling about all of the changes:

So what's changed?

Here's what we know so far:

Twitter is now called X.

Tweets are now posts.

Ad sharing revenue launched.

Available in 100 countries at present.

Ad revenue share

When you subscribe to Twitter blue (X Premium) you can post longer tweets, edit tweets and post longer form video.

New Feature just launched for X Premium.....better analytics!

You can also access the monetization tab and see if you qualify to monetize your Twitter. I have a subscribe button now and subscribers get certain perks by subscribing to me. €2.80 per month for more RTs (Reposts now) and access to subscriber only Twitter spaces. It's a great way to build a community of like minded people and giving subscribers more engagement and opportunities.

You also get access to X Pro. (Like Tweetdeck)

Twitter Spaces are a great place to show your expertise and get involved in conversations. You can join from desktop or phone. It's like joining a radio show and phoning in to share your opinion or expertise.

Love this analogy below:

Twitter Spaces Audio

There may be plans to make X a hiring platform according to Omar at X:

Hiring platform

You can go live into Twitter from your phone.

Click compose camera icon...option to go live (The quality is much better than periscope).

Bookmarks: As a subscriber to Twitter Blue you can put bookmarks into folders already.

Coming soon for Bookmarks:

Bookmark from timeline

• Bookmark search functionality

• Weekly emails with your saved bookmarks

Verified users can now download videos if the content creator allows it.

Coming soon:

Other features for Twitter/X:

Newest feature coming....Video calling (yay)

• An ecommerce platform

• Integration with food ordering apps

• New focus on audio and video content

• A UPI-like payment and banking system  

An 'Everything app' seems to be the aim.

I am excited about the changes. I have had more engagement, made more new connections and I am getting more sales as a result.

More information on updates:

Twitter thread re X via Dan Murray-Serter

Twitter thread re X via Alex Valaitis

And for now....I am still Tweetinggoddess on Twitter (If anything it's for the nostalgia)!

If you have no time to tweet/post on X or you would like to me to train your team on Twitter and LinkedIn audio email