I've over 46k followers on Twitter. Wow! Social media experts often say it’s not about how many followers you have, it’s about the quality. I agree! But let me tell you some facts about my Twitter account and why followers and the amount I have IS important.

First of all, how did I get so many followers? To be honest I ask myself this question a lot!! But people have told me that it’s because of these key things:

I always do the following:

Tweet about normal day to day stuff that effects others and they can identify with it. Be honest. Honesty is huge, it’s a lovely quality.  Be yourself too.

Tweet great content e.g. Twitter tips and tips for small business owners. Share knowledge …..it’s always great to share your knowledge with others. The smallest little tip could make  a huge difference to someone new to Twitter or to the business world.

Tweet out musings that small business owners identify with. Eg. that my petrol gauge is on ‘E’ as I head to that really important game changing meeting.

Tweet positive stories that I enjoy and I know my followers would enjoy.

Allow my weird sense of humour to come out now and then especially after 9pm….we all need a laugh sometimes right?

Welcome and assist new people who have just joined Twitter and ask my followers to support good causes and things I think need extra support.

So even though some say followers are not important, here are the reasons the amount of followers you have ARE important:

1. It shows you are doing something right.  There is a reason people are following you.

2. It means you have something to share which is of value. Whether that is your content, or your funny musings (keeping people entertained)

3. Perhaps they are following you because they see you are assisting others. This is huge in Twitter land. The more helpful you are to others, the more like minded folk you will attract as a follower.  And what does this mean? Well, they are more likely to Retweet what you are putting out there into the Twittersphere! They are your own army of marketeers for whatever the topic is you are tweeting about.


Your followers are following you because they like your tweets. Or they like your smiley face perhaps? Or they like what you do or the pictures you put up etc. They could easily click ‘unfollow’ (we can be very fickle us tweeters). But they decide to stick with you (Even when #womensinspire and other hashtags are taking place they stay loyal because they know they might learn something from you, they know you will Retweet someone who they might actually want to follow in future or find useful information or a product they need)

4. Followers are important for spreading the word for ‘Help’ tweets. e.g  There was a tweet looking for a marquee for a charity event recently. I Retweeted it and one of MY followers suggested someone she knew who might be able to help. And yes, it turned out they could help out! So for ‘missing people’ or Traffic delay tweets or anything like that, the more followers you have, the more people you can get that message out to.

5. You just do not know who knows someone you need to connect with. I have followers who are not in business or aren’t Mums or have nothing in common with me except….they also love Twitter and they also ‘get’ twitter and understand the importance of surrounding yourself with like minded people just like you. Helpful, kind, hard working, positive, gentle and mostly over the age of 21 who ‘get’ this whole Twitter thing and might just know someone who can supply a marquee for a charity event at the last minute!!

So keep at it, Keep doing what you are doing, keep away from negativity and do your thing. If people don’t like you promoting what you do  they will unfollow. Don’t worry about that. Concentrate on the loyal followers you have.  Enjoy and keep tweeting!