Are you struggling with Twitter? Just don’t ‘get it?’ Wondering how some people get lots of Retweets and you don’t?  Have you done the following?

Are YOU sharing other people’s content?

Are you adding value e.g. giving out tips, sharing your knowledge and assisting others?

Are you sharing a bit about your day. e.g. if you see a beautiful sunset are you sharing this image with your followers? Who knows that photo could be the most popular tweet you do! We all love a good sunset!

Are you being positive and mentioning other people in your tweets or is it just ‘special offers’ and stuff about YOU?

Are you engaging with your followers? When people mention you are you thanking them and talking to them?

Are you taking the relationships you build online to Offline? This is hugely important and it nurtures the relationship. When you meet people from twitter in real life do you get a selfie and say ‘lovely to finally meet…..who I met on Twitter’ 

Are you getting involved in Twitter chats? There are many hashtags you can get involved in. e.g.

#irishbizparty 9-11pm Wednesday nights.

#womensinspire – Tuesday nights 10-11pm GMT

#irishhealthhour – Sunday evenings 8 – 9pm GMT

There are many more too. Why not create your own Twitter chat? Find a community that you want to engage with and that is relevant to your brand.

Use Twitter polls to start conversations or get ideas for future blog posts

When you see awards or events happening are you reading the tweets and engaging with some of the people who are there? I don’t mean just saying something like ‘check out our offer’ I mean saying ‘looks like a great event, keep tweeting we are enjoying your tweets’ or something like that.

Don’t just give up on Twitter because you don’t ‘get it’ …learn how to use it and I can assure you it will become one of the most valuable marketing and relationship building platforms for you. It really is all about people. So start treating every single Twitter avatar as a human – There is a human behind each twitter account (well unless they are an automated account in which case they probably don’t have many followers either)